Are you a Facebook addict? It takes only 30 seconds to learn it! This test is based on Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale and the work of Dr. Cecilie Andraessen from the University of Bergen (UiB), Norway.
Answer the following questions as honestly as you can (remember, you do it for yourself!)
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If your score is 4 or higher, you are likely to be addicted to Facebook. 
If you scored 3, you are technically still not considered addicted, but watch out how much time you spend on it! 
If it is below 3, you are probably not addicted.

Did you know that people love to spend time on social media because there we can talk more about ourselves? According to science, in real life we talk about ourselves up to 40% of the time, whereas on social media it's twice as much! Our brain rewards us for talking about ourselves by releasing a pleasure hormone dopamin - hence we are getting addicted!

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