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What does it mean?

0-16 You are either a hermit, or have been cheating with yourself. Statistically, most people do cheat a little bit on these tests, so if your score is close enough to 16, chances are you are a bit more addicted then you think.

17-30 A pretty normal score for today's world. You probably get sometimes overwhelmed, but can generally control your online behaviour. You aren't in high risk of developing an addiction in the nearest future. Do check your Internet Addiction score from time to time - people in this range tend to go up with their addictions score. 

31-45 Sorry to say that, but it looks like you are on your way to becoming an addict. Although you are trying to keep the balance of your life, you often find yourself browsing online for hours without understanding how exactly it happened. The good news is, you've got other things that interest you, too - so don't let them slip away! If you feel you need a digital detox, check out our free 6-weeks online training Declutter Your Digital Life (just press the button below for more info).

46-60 Do you ever keep your finger off your phone? This sounds like quite a strong addiction, and you probably are underestimating how addicted you really are. If you are serious about changing your lifestyle, start with a digital detox today. For instance, unplug consciously for an hour or two when you see friends or go to a party, and see what it feels like.
It might also be a good idea to check out our free digital detox 6-weeks course Declutter your digital life - just press the button below to learn more about it!